Get surprised, Close laptop, sound still playing though

Joined May 13, 2008
Happened to me

watching some massparade and someone walks in and the interview is still going on

"Have you ever had a guy with a small D before"?

Joined Jul 27, 2008
What was the others persons expression?

( i knew exactly what you were talking about from the jump)
Joined Sep 28, 2004
dang. dont yall know where the mute button is.. that button should be second nature to everyone
Joined Jan 4, 2009
It happened to me today when my roomate walked in on me. We're bro's though he was all like "aww hell naw" and just walked out for a minute 

And dude that mentioned the headphones....that's the worst thing you can do. You won't be able to hear anyone opening a door or creeping up behind you when the sound of that mass is being destroyed. 
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