Getting a new acoustic electric guitar? Nt what you jammin wit?

Joined Sep 1, 2003
I'm considering getting another Fender, because of sound and price. If there's another brand with great sound and bang for my buck. please let me know
Joined Mar 19, 2006
i have an ovation like this one which was used.  i'd buy another cause they're so sexy to look at and it sounds ok.

Joined May 25, 2008
wouldnt an acoustic electric guitar be an oxymoron? Is it electric just to be amped to a little speaker? I'm confused, enlighten me.
Joined Sep 8, 2006
I like Martins but they are not cheap.
Look at Yamaha because they are made well, sound great and give you great bang for your buck.
I've played a Takamine acoustic electric but I did not care for it. My buddy has a Fender acoustic but I don't care for it either.
Joined Jul 5, 2008
Funny cause i was looking to make a topic about this. I was also interested in getting a Guitar to learn and play. Gibson is the best but madd dough so I was looking into an Ibanez or Epiphone which is basically made by Gibson too
Joined Jan 22, 2003
I just bought a Seagull S6 Acoustic electric today. The S6 acoustic is supposed to be one of the better "entry level" guitars and they made this into an acoustic electric. Check it out at your local guitar shop.
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