Getting cheap auto/home insurance - a guide

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Here is a simple guide on how you can get  the best rate

Step 1)
Go to and enter all your information, at the end they will email you all your information, age, license dates, accidents, tickets etc...

Step 2)
Go to your state/province's insurance broker's association (ie. this for me) and find the brokers in your general area, compile a list of all the email addresses of the brokers you wish to contact.

Step 3)
Using the email from Add a generic intro to the top... "I'm looking for a auto insurance quote, could you use the information below to generate one for me? Thanks, ridingonlorenzos". Add all your email addresses from above as BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), so that the brokers don't see your massive email list and spam away .

Wait for a few days to let the slow brokers send you a quote and then pursue the one that gives you the best rates.
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