Getting over the fear of getting tested

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I don't think I have anything but still scared to find out. I've done some pretty risky stuff a couple of times in my life. IDK what I'd do if I found I had something serious. It's almost as if I'd rather not know. Anyone ever feel like this? Bout to get tested this week and although I'm 95% sure I'm good (no symptoms of anything), there's still that doubt in the back of my head that's going to be killing me until I get the results. Anyone else been in a similar situation?
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risky like barebacking a ****** or risky like on a ledge 100 feet in the air?
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Originally Posted by KMun44

risky like barebacking a ****** or risky like on a ledge 100 feet in the air?

I'm gettin tested again tomorrow... I cant lie.. I'm kinda scared...


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ive had a scare before but its better to go and find out rather then pretend like it could never happen to you.
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Plenty of STDs do not present any symptoms at all, fyi. Anyways, if you have something you have it whether you get tested or not. Most are treatable, you don't want to die from something stupid like syph. I get the full work up when I go in for my yearly. It's easier to get it done when it's a part of physical.


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 yea it sucks, but on some real go get tested, the stress will mess you up. i was scared to go, but everything turned out ok. after that it gave me a whole new outlook. i stopped being so reckless, cause I didnt want to be stressin anymore

edit.. and for sure go if you have a significant other
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