Getting Textbooks Early and Reading Before the Class Starts...

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Well my spring semester just ended, and I'm contemplating picking up probably 2 classes of books and reading them over the summer to get a head start.

Anybody do this...and did it help?

The main reason I want to do it is cuz once the school year rolls around, I don't get the reading I don't really have a time frame, whichis good.

And also, or amazon?
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I don't know the best place to get the books but I can honestly tell you that reading ahead will ALWAYS benefit (unless the teacher decides not to actuallyuse the text during the semester of course)... I've done this more than a few times and it's been the best thing I could have done... especially ifyou're a year-end slacker like me... hope this helps, homie...
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Sounds like a great idea. Get a head start so that when its taught to you, itll be easier to understand

Hopefully Ill have the will power to do this

And oh yea has some cheap books. Thats where I got mine for the last semester
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The time frame may not be a factor, but there are a lot of things vying for your time during the summer. You won't read--especially if you don't haveto.
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Originally Posted by CaBron James 23

make sure you read the book that will be used when class starts
yup...make sure to EMAIL the instructor first..because a lot of times its the wrong book
thats why i wait until my class starts...but im def planning on emailing my instructor for my fire class so i can get a head start
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I have to because my fall term engineering classes require me to know the subjects covered in the class before I take the class. Paying to be bull@#$%ed ftl.
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I tried doing that one semester, worked for all my classes except one because the prof decided to skip the first two chapters. FML
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Originally Posted by CaBron James 23

make sure you read the book that will be used when class starts
Or if you already read the book that the class will be reading like half-way through the semester, it can give you sort of a break when all of your otherclasses start getting harder too.
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It always helps me. I feel when I read through it even if its just skimming the concepts come to me relatively easily.
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prolly taking notes on chapters while u read or skim before the class might help.. then adding onto what u know and dont know when u get to that chapter
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just look up the book on half and amazon and where it is cheeper buy it from there varies from book to book
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thumbs up for those of you guys that actually have the patience to sit down read and take notes

it really takes some good will power and determination

mac a roni

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[color= rgb(102, 0, 153)]Take notes and you'd be good....[/color]
[color= rgb(102, 0, 153)]if you have theability to do this[/color]
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How bad did you eff up to think of something like that?
obviously what you've been doing hasn't worked out for you. i don't recommend thisstrategy though.
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