Girls hyping you up then not comin thru unappreciation

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Knowledge stay taking Ls from these females. Every week another thread from this dude. Either frustration or advice...

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Originally Posted by 23MCpizzle23

that reminds me ....... shorty lived in the dorm across the street and told me she was sooooooooo bored, i told her what was up, and she told meshe was on her way.

never showed up.
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See in your case if she doesnt come thru i wouldve had MARY there all rolled up ready to go!....u always gotta have a plan b cause they always do


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one time this dopegirl was in my house and she was rubbing up on me getting me all ''happy '' and what not , about to unzip my pants .then allof a sudden her phones rings and its her mom saying her little brother was at the hospital because he broke his hand. so she said im sorry but i got to go . iwas on some

@@@. turns out her brother just broke his metacarpal. i was heated because ive broken my metacarpals before and i continued to play football for 2 weeks withbroken metacarpals and this kid couldn't have sucked it up and not broke his metacarpals an hour later
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Tell me about it, was promised some long, all out dome action..

hit her up about 2 hrs before showtime........ talking about she got a headache.

i just said ok, and hung up. she called back... no answer by me.

went to plan B......... took a nap.

now i feel wonderful!
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