( GLOW IN THE DARK ) REEBOK Court Victory Pumps!!!! ( PICS )

I actually dig those. Looks like something out of Tron. Any release info?


PSN ID:Mexi-Rican
According to HB they are dropping the 19th at Atmos. I'm hoping they'll be available elsewhere
Tron print :pimp:

holdin it down for all the fat peeps on NT

Jordan III Mocha's sz 11.
Jordan IV Mars Sz 11
Jordan V Fire Red Sz 11
Jordan Spiz'Ike Black Sz 11
yeah, we already got them here in europe...
now if somebody got an idea how to take a picture, in the dark...everything i´ve tried doesn´t work.
Finally after long last my shipment arrived today. Sold over half of them in the first hour but I still have a few pairs left if anyone is interested. Email meat mike@dlx208.com
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