Going to a strip club for the first time. Give me tips please vol. Redundant topic, I know.

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I've seen this asked before and I kinda ignored it cuz I never really thought I'd go to one but my dude's bachelor party is tomorrow night so I'll be going.

What is proper strip club etiquette? How should I dress? I'm thinking button down, nice jeans, and dress shoes. Is that cool? How much money should I take? I'll be drunk up arrival so I won't be buying any drinks. My co-worker said I shouldn't go if I don't got $100 singles. Is that true? I just wanna buy my mans a lap dance and for the most part chill and observe some half naked ladies. Not really trying to spend a whole lot. Not interested in a lap dance for myself unless it comes with dome.

Any advice would be appreciated...

And to anyone who cares, I'm 25...
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Lol maybe it depends on where the club is but you dont really have to dress up.

I imagine having 100 singles would make things fun as a decent amount of attention would be on you. When I went we were pretty much the only people tipping and we got free lap dances.

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your attire is pretty good.

$100 singles?...your boy must not have a life and spend his nights in strip joints.

When I go to a strip club with my cousin I always bring $100 max...for drinks, $20 lap dance (1), and singles for sitting next to the stage.

Don't try and get all grabby grabby, just copp a soft feel or else this girls will know you like them...come up to you to try and chat you up for a dance then you gotta be all uncomfortable with telling them to leave.

Some girls will wanna chat it up for a bit and then when you tell them your not interested you gotta tip them a $5 or something....just give em a $1 and send them on their way.

Try not to fall in love in the strip club too...you'd be surprised how many guys do this.

If you see a girl you want a dance from...let her come to you...give her the eyes...she'll know whats up...then chat it up with her for a bit...she'll get all touchy touchy...you get to copp a couple feels...THEN get the dance if you want it.
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u can go in whatever bro people ain't gonna pay to much attention to what u wearing if there is naked brauds every were .. 100$ is straight if u ain't tryna spoil ur self .. walk in there like u got the biggest D an they'll come to you ..
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total waste of money, but since it's for a bachelor party, take about $50-100. pray it's a BYOB place because then you'll be paying like $5 for a bottle of water or 10 for a beer.
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Originally Posted by Joe Billionaire

nah b wear sweat pants or basketball shorts
thank me later
this dude knows. Also tell them its your birthday. That's what I did last time I hit Paper Moon, I had a blast.
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chicago bulls shorts, white vneck, jays

take 200 at least 130 for the garden tools, 50 for the drinks/cover, 20 for ihop afterwards
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Go on a busy day, watch everybody else spend their rent money, before you leave, slap $1 on as much @*@ as you can (if you can do that, you cant in atl, but you CAN in STL
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OP it really doesn't matter what you wear to the club. As long as you aren't looking like a bum.

But yeah let the girls come to you. Don't walk around the club stalking strippers after they get done dancing on the stage. I laugh when I see fools acting like this at strip clubs 

If your sitting in a seat right in front of the dance floor you should expect to tip. Other times if your at the bar and watching it's really up to you if you decide to tip or not.

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Originally Posted by prymone

chicago bulls shorts, white vneck, jays

take 200 at least 130 for the garden tools, 50 for the drinks/cover, 20 for ihop afterwards
My man

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Yea do not go chasing strippers down...it's so damn stupid...I see dudes over here in NYC who chase these girls down and do some weird $+%@ like try and dance with them in the strip club and i'm like

As for the attire, some higher end strip clubs have a dress code. If it's a hole in the wall place then the sweatpants and shorts work.
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i went a few weekends ago. spent $52 exactly. Bought a lap dance for a friend (20) went half on another dance for a friend(10) and i guess $32 on drinks.

watched from the sidelines...enjoyed myself. O yea, they dont let you touch...girl (smoothly tho) grabbed my hand and put it on my sides...girl knew what was up lol
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where are you from? I've only been to one strip club in Vegas and i refuse to go to any in my hometown because I know I'll be miserable the whole time wishing I was in Vegas.

it all depends on how your feeling... 100 dollars in singles imo is a tad bit excessive. not to say i haven't spent well over 100 dollars. say you give the first 10 girls 5 dollars. that means you thought everyone was deserving of that some aren't some are. usually a girl from an average guy is gonna get like 1-3 if its average on stage nonsense. 5-10 if she's really putting on a show.

also disregard that tipping a girl just cause she's talking to you, if you're not interested your not interested, don't worry about that.

when sitting near stage if you see a girl you want a tip fold a couple of bills and hold it to grab their attention she'll flock for her cash.

can't get the attention you gotta throw down maybe a dollar or two as bait near your side of the stage and a couple more bucks when they get near. fold your bills tuck em whereever and make a casual or not so casual feel up on them butt cheeks or w/e.

last but not least reevaluate your whole lapdance thinking it can be rather fun. Personally i'd rather play around wasting money on strippers than paying for sex or anything of the sort. And I'd rather be at bars chasing vag if thats the nights agenda than worrying about how my money isn't getting me buns.

im an addict btw and i need to get back.


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real life...

ive only benn to one strip club...

pretty dope... paid the cover ( you had to buy two drunks 10 bucks for both)

i actually sat right next to the stage at one point and dropped a dollar... this chick spread her cat all in my face, and grabbed my hands and put em on her boobs...

when i was just sitting a row or two back chicks would still come up to me, and chop it up, asking if oyu want a dance... i denied em cuz i aint wanna spend money on a lap dance.
although when they would talk to me they made me cop feels... rubbing they %!! on my hand sitting on me, so i took advantage

spent 11 dollars, i was wearing cargo shorts, t shirt and a fitted...
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Don't go drunk, last time I went to a strip club drunk I spent ~$500 when I only wanted to spend $60 MAX.

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another thing, if you chilling on the sidelines, girls will come up to you asking if you want a lapdance...you can %$$+ around with them and chit chat and then tell them maybe a dance a little later when you get more settled in.

This way you get to see the whole rotation of girls...and believe that these girls will keep coming back around until they get a lapdance from you.

Don't be the guy that gets a lapdance from every girl he meets because he feels that he will put her through college.
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Originally Posted by Joe Billionaire

nah b wear sweat pants or basketball shorts
thank me later

-only make eye contact if you like the broad young lady & want a dance..
-recycle your money!!!!! If nobody is looking, pick up a couple of the bills and throw them back out..
-take these dudes that keep making "i need a girl" "she left me" "they don't exist" "don't know what to say" type clowns with you.... please...

PS.. yall dudes trippin, throwing 100 ones at the females and yall don't plan on, at least, rounding 2nd... wasting money... 



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I've been to XTC twice, and well I went chillin'.
Jordan's, Levi's, Ralph Lauren Polo collared shirt.

Took about $200 with me.

They charged me $25 to get in, payed for VIP, payed the bouncer to let us drink.

Charged me $20 for each extra chair.

Table comes with six...

They have deals though, like two women or two lap dances from the same women for $20.

Women there are! 

This one stripper was making it clap!

Everyone was like "What's that noise?!" 

I was over the balcony dropping some one's and I turn around to my cousin getting a lap dance. 

Good times! 
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