Going to Boston - What boutiques/shops to hit up??

Feb 25, 2005
sup Boston NT'ers!!

I'll be heading to Boston on a business trip and this time around I will actually have some free time to shop around.

What are the "must see" boutiques/shops in the Boston area. I've looked around these forums and notice AWOL, Laced and Concepts.

Any other suggestions?

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Downtown Crossing - mainly urban style & LS release type stores:
Xpression, Manhattan, Champs, Footaction, Footlocker, City Sports and a few others

Back Bay - more high end stores:
Newbury St: Niketown, Karmaloop, Puma, Urban Outfitters, Johnny Cupcakes, other high end clothing shops
Copley Center: Barneys

Mass Ave (from Newbury St. to Columbus):
Laced (corner of Ma and Columbus), Bodega, other interesting shops

Harvard Square:
Concepts (at the back of the Tannery), adidas Originals

AWOL (on North Harvard St., take green line T to North Harvard and walk a few stores up on the right)

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Yeah. Bodega is located on Mass Ave. and Clearway St. Kinda hidden u might miss it. They open everyday but Tuesday.
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