Going to DC/VA for a few days. Where should I go?

Joined Sep 10, 2003
Going to Fairfax, VA in about a week. What spots do I need to hit up? Which shops, restaurants, clubs, bars or any place that I would have a good time at?

Also planning to drive up to NY and Jersey. How is the drive there? Anything I should be aware of. Thanks in advance.
Joined Jul 25, 2004
well if u r looking for shoe spots around there... then hit up FairOaks Mall... they have a SkateShop called ELite... and all the other stores are posted in the sticky's about .. CMonWealth, Major, District 51 (witch i think is not where its suposed to be) but i can only tell u the shoe spots... the other places.. well i cant help u!
not a noob... just dont post alot.
Joined Jun 7, 2001
They have a club by the courthouse I think called Rain. My boy said they have enough women in there since its kinda close to George Mason.
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