Going to Frisco TX, what should I expect???

Jun 5, 2006
My job is sending me to Frisco TX for 3 weeks.

Is there anything to do???

Play ball???


I am from the Notheast, and I am just wondering how I am going to be recieved.

Am I going to stick out???

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you.
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Don't expect much in terms of night life. The bars close at midnight. There is a place call Down Under Pub located next to Stonebriar mall that gets pretty crowded but that is about it. No shoe stores other than Finishline and Champs in the mall. There are two Nike outlets within driving distance in Grapevine and Allen.
you can try to check out the new shoe stores that have been opening up PEG and adikt and some of the other ones. i have never been but they should be cool to check out. 3 weeks times you should be able to check alot of things, but there arent too many things to check out

expect tons of soccer moms, huge shopping centers, and a lot of restaurants.

as far as P.E.G. and Adikt are concerned, you are a good 25-30 minutes out with quite possibly the worst public transportation system in the US.

you'll be pretty close to the shops at legacy. not too much there though. (bob's steak and chop house, angelika film center, cru wine bar)

other than that, everythings a good distance away.
They hoop up at quad C....aka Collin County Community College...besides that shopping wise ur gonna have to drive cuz stonebriar mall aintt got nothing
do ppl really ball at quad C? i went up there several times and the court was always empty. aj23balla do you ball at quad c?
nightlife in Frisco, TX.??? plz!!!
ball? sure why not... theres a 24hour fitness down preston rd... a few ppl ball there... and job? what will you be doing in Frisco? wanna holler at yah boy? i need a better job!
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