GOING TO NYC in 3 weeks!!!!! new yorkers help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 26, 2006
ok..so im from toronto..goin to nyc in sept. long weekend...

just a few questions i hope some new yorkers could help me out with??

1. is everything walking distance??? Times square, theather district, shopping area, empire state building? etc???? or must i take a cab/subway??

2. in what area should i get a hotel in order for everything to be as close as possible? times sqaure hotel? soho? what location would be best??

3. anyone kno any good hotels for about 150-200$ a nite in NYC and a good location????

any help and information would be MUCH appreciated!!!

thx NT

Train or Bus is you're best bet around the city, cabs are too expensive unless you got it like that.
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Time Square and Empire State Building are walking distance from eachother.. Its about 8 blocks between them.. but if you wanna go to the Soho, you should take the Subway..

As far as hotels go, i dont really know about that.. but i do see a couple of hotels around 34th, 42nd, and around 59th st..
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the carter, 42nd st. actually on times square. but it has had complaints. howard johnson on 36th is great. u need to take the subway to soho (flight club, etc).
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