Going to NYC in two weeks. Recommend me some fun....

May 6, 2009
I moved to Florida from Long Island about 4 years ago. And, living on Long Island I never really ventured into the city much. So when I go back, I want thefull city experience. I tried googleing "what to do in NYC" or "Best of NYC" but it's all for rich women. I want advice from people whohave my interests. I've already decided im going to the new Yankee stadium, H+M, and Flight Club. What are some good places to shop(things like dieseletc). Where is the best pizza? What monuments should I visit? Night life? and just anything else you guys have to share with me.
The best advice for you is to buy a NYC map that contains landmarks and subways and everyday plan out a trip where you can hit multiple places ...

Best pizza? Dude, just go to any place and buy a pizza, Im sure some people might recommend some over others but for the most part .. I enjoy most of thepizzas in NYC

Clubs, to many to list .. Expecially when we dont know what genre you are into ..

H&M?? are you serious? they have one of those everywhere .. at least I see them all the time and they also have a diesel store I believe on Lex close toBloomindales ...

Plus check both Yankees and CitiFields
I would recommend visiting Yelp.com. They have tons of info about that stuff that you want to know about.
Damn i'm getting sonned cause they think i'm a noob. I'm 19, YOUNG chris. And there are no H+M's in florida, and you can't order online.So, YES I AM SERIOUS.
I asked how old you were because not everyone has the same interests depending on their age group. & no one is calling you a noob, maybe you're a bitparanoid.

I'm 18 BTW, so relax.
omg i wrote a damn near dissertation on what you should visit and then yuku messed up
:'( hit me up later and i could help u out
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