Going to Panama for vacation so School me on everything

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so im going to Panama for a week with a few of my friends and im just wondering some spots to hit up over there... this will definitely be an experience for me since i have never been there... cant wait to go though :pimp:... and also give me tips of what to bring with me there... i know i want to bring my macbook and playstation vita to keep me entertained during the layovers :smh:
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My fam is from there
Was just there in December, didn't go out tho
If you're in the city and lookin to party hit up Calle Uruguay
but like dude said above don't be flashy
Taxis are real cheap there so take advantage
But the traffic in the city :x
The women make up for it tho :pimp:
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Best places to go to are Calle Urugay for the bars and clubs, Via Argentina got nice spots, Downtown and Visa Espana is more tourist oriented but still fun. If you want to go to a cool beach, hit up Coronado which is like 1 hour from the capital. Taxis are cheap so it's easy to move around. The women are ridiculously hot. Definitely try the food, many cheap restaurants with incredible food. If you have fam out there, get a cousin to take you out since it's easy to get lost. They'll know all the good spots.

Try some Seco Herrerano (sugar cane rum) and Cerveza Panama and Atlas ( best beers)

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I've been, but it was years ago. The women are beautiful there. Stay out of the hood and watch out for the sheisty cab drivers trying to take you the long way. Prostitution is legal, so be careful about the women you pick up because they might be slanging that chocha on the side. The couple of times that I went everything was pretty cheap, but that's probably changed a little.
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thanks fambs for the tips... ill definitely try these spots out once i go out there... im staying at a hostel so hopefully its safe... next month cant come soon enough... cant wait!
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