Going to puerto Rico soon... advice? tips? what MUST I do?

Joined Jun 5, 2006
So far I will be going to El Yunque, Old San Juan, and my friend plays basketball for Bayamon so I will be going to one of those games.

Any insight from anyone who has been there? What am I missing?

All input is appreciated. Thank you.
Joined Dec 6, 2006
If you get a chance eat at El Meson. I had some turkey sandwich combo it was so good me and my cousin split a second one hours after we ate our first. Also,right before I flew back it was even at the airport and I had a wrap for breakfast at 4 am! Every time I ate there it was awesome. I actually stayed on thewest side of the island where my uncle lives but I flew into San Juan so look out for it you must eat there. The women are something else they are beautiful asis the island itself. I can't recommend much else because I stayed like 3 hours from San Juan but enjoy your trip I had a blast I loved it there.


Joined Nov 7, 2007
San Juan was awesome when I went, but outside the airport is pretty much a slum. But love the area. I went on a cruise though so I spent most of the time outof PR.
Joined Aug 7, 2002

eat pinchos and bacalaritos (don't know how to spell it haha)

have PROTECTED sex cause these spanish joints are fertile

and drink a lot of 151... they're $1.50 in most places
Joined May 9, 2003
old san juan and a placed called four squares in english. old san juan has a few clubs that get really good on the weekends. and the other spot is where allll the bars be at, i smashed two sexy #%+% females there last time i was there. just ask the bartenders at your hotel or resort.
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