Going to Vancouver...

Apr 8, 2006
Any sneaker places to check out besides Goodfoot?
Thanks in advance :smile:

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GoodFoot? I thought that was in Toronto....they have 1 in Vancouver?
I know there is DIPT, ................damn, I cant remember the other few I know(knew?)
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
you might get more help asking in the Canada forum..
... Or I could be totally wrong​
Goodfoot, Alife, and Livestock are all in Gas Town...a few blocks away from each other.
How long has Alife been open? I didn't know they had a store there.

Like everyone else said Goodfoot, Livestock, and Dipt are the major sneaker spots.

Complex is next to Livestock if you're looking for some tees.

Beware- Gas Town is run over w/ dope fiends & bums, but there the friendliest bums I've ever come across

If you want nightlife & like hip-hop, go to Atlantis or Au-Bar on Fridays & Plush on Saturdays. Check out: http://www.gmanandrizk.com

If you like rock music & all that, just go to Granville St. and pick a club. That's the main strip.
^I've always been partial to Shine.

All the major shops have been named already. Have fun!
um, they have a skateshop on robson called vital. pretty nice stuff...obviously mostly sb's. they had the avengers way before seattle did. i haven't been there in awhile, but when i was last there, it was being remodeled. it's near the payless shoe source.

as for livestock, i like that place. def. hit up the place when they're havin' sales b/c they have good markdowns...usually 40% or more, good deals! get on their mailing list!
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