Going toNY tomorrow. HELP

Apr 16, 2007
Hey, I'm visiting a friend at fordham tomorrow. We're going to take the train to grand central and go to a bunch of shops.

I want to check out stussy, atmos, alife, clientelle, goliath, premium goods, sneaker bistro supreme and dqm.

I know that clientelle and supreme are right by each other in soho cause ive been there before, but i dont know what subway to take to get there.

What subway(s) should I take to get to these stores?

Also these are mainly the only stores I know of in NY, if there are any other good ones youd suggest let me know.

Thanks a ton.
Take the 4 or the 6 downtown from Grand Central. I guess get off at the Spring St stop. You could check out Flight Club but its kinda out of the way now.
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