Gold Lebron's in Vegas!

Aug 16, 2002
Sheikh's at Fashion Show has an awesome setup right now, they changed their interior to coordinate with the AF Anniv. While I was checking it all out, I saw that they had the Gold IV's out on the shelf! Look nice. $160 : (702) 369-9911 Go get 'em!
I am on the NT Legit List: 0155 airgolwp
Strange, when I was there last night they were out, next to the Blk/Red and Wht/Navy ones. They even had a price tag on the bottom. Sorry if I got your hopes up...
I am on the NT Legit List: 0155 airgolwp
^No problem man.
Yeah they had them out with the price tag on them, but they said not for sale yet.
Yeah I'd like to know as well. I'll be in Vegas on Saturday morning. So FL, Shiekh's and NT are the only stores getting these right?
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