Gonna Be in Frisco Please Help.

Apr 8, 2003
Gonna be in downtown towards the end of the month, but only for a few hours.
Was hoping you guys could help me out with a few suggestions on things to do and places to hit up.
Just wanting to make the most of my visit.

I plan on hitting up HUF, how many shops do they have?
What's going on with RECON? Worth checking out?
What can you guys tell me about Haight street?
Won't have a car, whats the best way of getting around to these places?
Anybody carry Supreme, what are the prices like?

You guys know best.

Thanks in advance.

- VanCity 604
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^^that's kinda the long way to get to haight. if you're near union square find market street. then look for the 71 bus stop, theres a couple more that takes u there but forgot). get off haight and masonic if you wanna be dropped off near the spots.

if you wanna get from huf sutter to huf hayes then take the bus that stops right in front of huf, take it all the way down to van ness take the 49 to hayes (should be going downhill) then walk a couple blocks to huf hayes near octavia st.
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