Good place to eat around Georgia Tech's Campus?

Dec 1, 2005
The Georgia Tech Invitiational is this weekend and we're leaving in a few hours. Looking for a good place to eat dinner and breakfast at. Suggestions?
Silver Skillet on 14th Street for breakfast. Flying Biscuit is at 10th & Piedmont, but it's crowded and overrated, IMO. If that fails, there's always Waffle House.

Dinner...there's way too much to list. You've gotta be more specific in what you're looking for.

Edit: Keep in mind, though. Damn near everything will be packed this weekend with the Final Four in town. Traffic downtown will be insane.
Tech Square has Moes, 5th Street Ribs, Ray "NY" (blasphemy) Pizza, Tin Drum (Asian)Cafe, St Charle's Deli. North Avenue has the Varsity, Wingnuts, Quiznos and a few other stuff. Not sure about west campus since I'm rarely out of my dorm(I'm a first year). If you are willing go a little further, Check out Gordon Biersch on Peachtree Street(don't ask me which) or The Flying Biscuit(slow service but good food). My knowledge of the area is limited but hope that helps and I'm sure the natives of Atlanta can give you more locations.
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you should hit up chinese buddah.. it's a 24 hour chinese joint. it used to be on 14th street.
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