Good Winter Sneaker?

Aug 21, 2007
Hi! Whats a good winter sneaker/bball shoe?

I'm looking for something hi top and it shouldn't have too many holes to keep the water out. Anything like it? Thanks!
Lebron III. been braving the Canadian winter for two years in them, they look good and are damn near invincible.

Af1's, Lebron II's are okay too.

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i'd say XIIs or shoes with patent
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^^aren't KOBE IIs with holes all over, making it with more breathability. isn't that not good for winter, with all the rain and dirt.
my suggestion is go rock TIMBS, thats what they made for these days. shove a zoom air insole in them, if u want some cushioning from Nike
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I'm gonna try and find me a pair of Olive IX's. Not sure if it will be good for the weather conditions, but I think the aesthetic of the shoe fits the season.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
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How about the Air Force 25? They seem pretty durable, and it's not hard to get them for a good price these days.
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I'm liking the idea of the Lebron 3s. i'm going to try to find a pair... Thanks! Anyone use dunks in the winter?
well i would have suggested any of the pure moneys but seeing that you are looking for a hightop shoe,,dunks are mainly the only thing you can go after,,

i may be wrong but i think this is the wrong forum,,
Mine are gonna be the Lebron II, Air Force III Lows and probably the Considered Humara...for winter sneakers....simply cuz i got all of them for under 40 bux each. Gotta love a good steal for the winter. I may get a pair of Answer 1 retros also....haven't decided yet. But if its too freaking messy outside, i'll just rock the timberland Euro Dubs.
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i got with timbs when it snows here. put a cushion in it, and you'll be straight.
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