Grampa w/ sons and grandsons

Joined Jun 21, 2006
nobody is denying you have some heat...but you gotta expect to get flamed selling stuff in the the rules before you post.

Oh yeah and modesty>any shoe
Joined May 16, 2009
I don't get what you're trying to do Simon
...But if it's for sneaker showcasing purposes, dope Undefeateds and City Series Xs

And I don't think you can sell them Undefeateds for over 10K on here...or anywhere lol.
Joined Mar 20, 2008
What are you trying to prove Voltaire? Aren't you just selling those for somebdy? Why brag? No flame bro but I think u in the wrong forum to be braggin like that...hope u got your flame suit on. No way those undftd 4 will sell for over 10gs btw...
Joined Jun 10, 2003
haha i just saw the other thread. 10g's for undefeateds? it would probably be hard to get 5..
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