GRAPES. in orlando right now!!!!!


Mar 26, 2006
What up nt.. Prime outlet has b grade GRAPES about 200 of them they just got them in today.. I copped mine on rd but for those of yall who didn't have a chance go cop.... peace....

Aim.. Fresh n my jays..

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407 351 9400.... oh and they are only 99.99....

Not ashamed to admit it I WORSHIP JESUS... :D
I called and they said they didn't have those...
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That's a lie they lieing .. They only letting one per customer.. If I knew how to post pics I would of the reciect I picked up for my cuz..... ask for the mgr... tell him they have them on display and to STOP lying..

P.s. If it weren't try I wouldn't post....
Well my boys the mgr there. The only non b grades they had were 2 or 3 pairs of sz 10 and 10.5... I copped my cousin a sz 13 and its b grade..
yeah i just got back from getting a pair.

i need a 10 if anyone has em. they didnt have anything left but 9s and 12s....i ended up getting an 11 to hopefully find someone to trade off with.

so if anyone needs an 11 and has a 95-105 let me know.
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if any orlando NTers tryna cop me a pair and ship it to me, it would be much appreciated
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SMH @ blowing up spots...
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Oh btw...

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FOR SALE: DS Fire Red LASER AJ IV package- size 12- inbox me!
whatever man, it doesn't matter to me I'm just messing around
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Oh btw...

Those employees are madd shady ive called 3 time today and heard 3 different things.....1) They sold out right now but are waiting on another shipment....2) They have only sz.11 left ad not expectin anything later....3) They are sold out, but waiting on a shipment today or tomorrow......Im gonna stop by tonite and tomorrow to see if i can get a pair in my sz. 9.5 ,,,,,,,,,I was jus wondering on a scale form 1-10 how good are they are quality wise for those of you who copped a piar from their....???
good quality personally, out of me and my friends we've copped 7 pairs, a couple of the pairs had 1 or 2 minimal yellowing spots. Both of my pairs are icey. They're gone though, they had like 2 pairs left when I left.
Team Paid Programming: Ronco Knive Set

Oh btw...

yup I got a pair at the Orlando Premium Outlet today....I got a pair that had only 1 real small yellow part on the sole, but otherwise the shoe is great....
Copped a size 12 today from premium with no problems. My B grades had no flaws.

ScLuSe > HuRRiCaNe > SLoTH!

i ended up getting 3 pairs. one had a lil distressed leather on the upper and the other two are fine.

my brother gota 13 and opened the box and the whole upper of the shoe was yellow.
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I got 2 pair.

One from Prime outlets.
One from Premium outlets.

My co-worker got 3 pair. SMH he lied to me the other day and said he only got one. But props to him getting me the first pair. I drove out there to get another pair on friday.

If you were out there I was the dude in the Black Cat IV and a Best Buy uniform. I saw some what looked to be like NT'ers looking kinda lost so I pointed them in the right direction.

I'm waiting to pick up my second pair that's why they aren't pictured.

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i went to halloween horror nights friday night and went to the outlets sat. morning, obviously i was too late. oh well, i picked up dis ill nike jacket for 20 and i saw some AM360 kashimas in a 7 i think and AM360 evolution editions in a 8.5 .. doubt they're still there but u can try.
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