Greatest Video Game of All Time

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I never had this on NES.Judging from the screenshots though........
Kung Fu and Ninja Gaiden are superior.
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I wonder how many folks will just name their favorites.

The BEST games I have played:

Mario 3
Final Fantasy 7
Modern Warfare 1 & 2
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Best game of all time is 1) Super Mario World followed by 2) Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
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Best fight games
1) Mortal Kombat 2
2) Marvel vs Capcom 2
3) Killer Instinct
4) Street Fighter 2 Turbo
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Originally Posted by Sixfoot nathan

Originally Posted by ATLien Seeko

Contra/Super C/Double Dragon > River City Ransom

GOAT = EarthBound
fuzzy pickles

Wait.. That was a password to get in some club/door or something, right? Or the Apple Kids house? It's been a while
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