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Today a friend's mother was kind enough to give me a portion of her Spearmint plant.

I've been reading up on how to preserve the leafs for later uses such as tea. Most of the articles I find about preserving the leaves say that drying them causes substantial flavor loss.

Does anyone use a method that retains most of the flavor and doesn't involve crushing the leaves? I want to harvest as much as possible before first frost.
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the only plants NT knows about is mary jane. and when the conversation turns into mary jane every damb NT'er in the room turns into a botanist all of a sudden
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I have been growing a mango and avocado plant. It first started as a seed and have to wait years till it grows any fruit.
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i know about spearmint my g-ma and pops used to grow it and we would drink tea

just rip off a bunch and put it to boil or in a hot cup of water and then take it out

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hmmm....preserving taste....I would suggest getting a mason jar along with a caliber III hygrometer from amazon ( $20 and the accuracy is decent) and just stuff like 80% of the jar with leaves if you have that much and maintain the relative humidity at 45-65%.

You got to think though that spearmint tea uses dried leaves and the taste is pretty good. The thing with trying to keep leaves green is that your probably also gonna taste some chlorophyll which usually has a bitter taste to it and can throw off the spearmint taste.
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i work for a flower shop and we carry plants as well. Ill ask my boss tomorrow and get some more insight on spearmint. Hes extremely knowledgable on plants.
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