Aug 27, 2004
Does anybody have an exact release date on these? Wasnt it suppose to be this month??
I can not post enough of
to tell you how stupid of a post this is.
All I did was ask for a release date. Yes I know its the 4th. My question is if they still are scheduled for release this month, does anybody know the exactdate. Lighten up people...they have medication you can take.
There is not an exact release date for these and most nike retros. They will just show up at your spot whenever
I called nike today and a sales rep told me may 30. And oh yeah...please close this thread, cause there's already a griffey thread!
hahaha dude... thats messed up... i kinda feel him...iono if i should read or skim through 200 or something pages of a thread if its not the same colorway..."i feel you bro" but dont get lazy, hands down... or u better have ur flamesuit on. anyways, i got the freshwater grifs a week or 2 before releaseso... check ur local spots before retail release date which is at the end of the month. ps.
bottomline is, with a 300 page thread, you would KNOW when these release. just check the last few pages
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