Guide to Making Boxes for Shoes [Part II]

Nov 24, 2002
Much thanks to Omegastarz who originally thought this up for us NT'ers.

1. Get Boxes..
> "all products & services"
> go to the letter "S" and pick "Supplies (Shipping)"
> "shipping supplies"
> "business use"
> "priority mail"
> pick "Item No: O-BOX7" or 12 x 12 x 8.

[Note: boxes are free and come in multiples of 25. USPS also has tape, labels etc.. for free as well. Supplies take about a week to two weeks to arrive]

2. Cut off one end of the box as shown below.

3. Red for cut, Green for fold. I say half cut on green, because it makes it easier to fold the boxes and gives it a better edge. I used a swiss army knife and just made sure to go halfway into the cardboard.

4. Pretty self explanatory. Fold at edges and tape.

BTW, Mine had little gaps [shown in pic 2], but shouldn't be a prob. 'Sides, shoes have to breathe right? :b



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