Guns and a peeping tom

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Can someone please rationalize this for me? Gilbert Arenasreceives probation for bringing guns to the workplace and allegedly pointingthem at his teammate (co-worker) but a peeping tom gets 2 ½ years for looking aErin Andrews naked. Are you serious? What part of the game is that?

I know Gilbert is a high profile athlete with fame andfortune and EA to some degree is high profile with a network behind her whilethe peeping tom is probably a regular guy like me and you but how is hissentencing fair at all?  How can anyonewith any level of common sense objectively look at each sentencing and concludethat a peeping tom deserves more jail time than someone who brought guns to theworkplace. IMO Gilbert should have done some jail time and the peeping tom shouldhave gotten at most probation and community service.

And to make matters worse, EA told that the peepingtom should never be let out of prison but the next thing out her mouth is thatshe will be at the sentencing. If this peeping tom hurt you so bad why wouldyou attend the sentencing? He didn’t rape or molest her, he filmed her walkingaround naked. Does she deserve privacy, of course she does, but does thepeeping tom deserve to spend 2 ½ years in prison looking at T&A? I don’tthink so.

I had to vent on this one.
Joined Jul 14, 2003
Youre gonna go crazy if you try and compare cases in this country (I've been there LOL).

In the Andrews case you gotta remember....he was sentenced to stalking Andrews for 18 months. And upwards of 16 other women were apparently victims as well. And it was in federal court.

That's a little different than simply "looking at Erin naked."

Gilbert, I may be wrong here, hasn't even been sentenced yet for his crime.
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