Guys, did you used to think girls were sweet and innocent? What changed your mind?

Mar 26, 2009
I know for myself that growing up I thought girls were mostly innocent and guys were the ones that are dirty and perverted...This seemed to be true until Istarted hearing girlfriends or groups of girls talk about everything from the most disgusting porn they had seen to taking facials from different guys.

This was when I was 15. Went from thinking girls like romantic love making and soft core porn to understanding that they like rape fantasies, taking it up the%%$, deepthroat, and some watch more vile stuff than most guys.

Nowadays girls in their late teens and early 20's are hitting double digits, have had threesomes, rainbow parties and even orgies. They watch hardcore !@#*and do hardcore !@#*.

How is a guy supposed to get married or take a girl seriously at 25+ that has likely done some if not all of these things and/or is a feminazi/princess?It's extremely disappointing, I'm not making this thread to be an %#@!$@%, just looking for opinions.
We all know that the media screws up female's heads.
but the fact that we're taught to treat them better as children, told they are innocent is one of the few complexes that males deal with.
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i'm at a point where I just accept that girls are grimey and just play the game

Pretty much. Dudes need to stop putting ALL women on pedestals. It's gotten to the point that even "GOOD GIRLS" have a past. Here is the way Isee things: I have done some pretty, fun, nasty, and un-safe things in my sexually past, so who am I to try and jump off a bridge when I find out the person Iam with also has a past? I am not saying it is okay to date/marry straight up garden tools, but in this day and age, most women are more free sexually, andthey are more willing to try new things that were once considered taboo.

I think what it really boils down to, is that the double standards lines are really getting blurred when it come to men and women being on equal footingsexually, and that is scaring a lot of men.

The days of finding educated, good looking, out going, fun women in their early twenties who have only been with one or two guys are over.
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The days of finding educated, good looking, out going, fun women in their early twenties who have only been with one or two guys are over.
QFT. Now a days, we're lucky to find a girl thats not over 10 %#@#+ deep
Also, the same dudes who are complaining about women not being innocent are the same ones crying "My girl is such a prude. She won't take backshots,and she won't take the DNA shot. I wish she would try new things sexually." You want want her to be a prude with every other guys she has ever beenwith, but a freak with porn star skills when you are with her?
A few months back I got the number of this chick.

But I can't get myself to call her because she actually is innocent and shy and I can't see myself with her.
Coincidentally her name is Innocencia.
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Live and learn fellas, it hits us all at one point.


^ Co-sign. In this day and age, there isn't a clear line in gender roles/expectations. These things are all situated within a murky grey area, that peopleadjust depending one's preference.
The days of finding educated, good looking, out going, fun women in their early twenties who have only been with one or two guys are over.
ya'll just aren't looking at the right girls.
And I'd like to add that I can't be some guy's personal sexplay thing and him to just assume

That I just acted like that with him...u can't want a solosmut with just you, and expect her to be prude with everyone else.

Im tired of guys tryin to beat everything in sight, but girls are expected to keep the legs closed...double standards FTL

If im a single female and I like a guy, guess what if's he nice enuff and im attracted to him, I'll give him some %**, deal with it guys....we gotfeelings too.
I'm enjoying this post... the different point of views are enlightening me. please continue
I don't get why dudes so bent on having a girl who only slept with 1 or 2 ppl? I don't want a girl that only slept with one person but I'm notsaying the whole block either
but if I'm in my 20s and she don't know how to get down there's a problem
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