Happy 5th Anniversary NikeTalk! (Complete with Retro look)

oh :frown:

i didn't know this was OG.

no, no. this is the internet. real life? you made a wrong turn.


Looks like garbage.

I always wonder why people change stuff that doesn't need to be changed.

I could see changing up the banner but they went od this time.


edit: Why the hell are clicked links red now and not clicked links gray? That's dumb.
hurts the eyes also

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I'm not gonna lie. I don't even remember this layout since I've been here only since 2002. The only time I saw this layout was when Khlav posted some old screen shots of NT with the Air Jordan XI Forum in effect.

Congratulations to the Administrators, Moderators and the rest of the Nike Talk Family.



my bad.

but still, background's gotta go.

i like the whole retrospect idea though.

congrats to NT! whoopeeeeeeeeeee
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so thats what happened :nerd:

i like it, its a change of scenery, we need a christmas banner though for real.

How long is this new (old) layout gonna be up? just for the anniversary?
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yall get yo dunks from?!?!?!​
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Im surprised at all the new people here...

Too bad we REALLY cant retro the board and get rid of half the people here
Obviously, we've made some changes in the past five years, but this is pretty much how it was during that first year.

This takes me back before the XI forum, when the first sketches of the black/red XV's came out with the red hell cap and everybody thinking "those are the worst Jordan's ever."

They were right.

It may not be the best looking version of NikeTalk visually, but it sure brings up a lot of positive memories of when you could click on the Nike/Jordan Brand forum and search for all posts created by some dude with the user name "Ekin702", with 3 days worth of posts on the first page.

The Lounge? Forget about it. Nothing was going on in there :lol:
. But I do remember a certain C Soldia frequenting the Lounge on a regular basis....
While we are all entitled to our opinions, recognize that this was the ORIGINAL layout of the board, down to the links, fonts, and images--love it or leave it.

Everytime the board is changed, someone is upset with the appearance in some way. There is no pleasing you guys.

Let's keep the hate out of this thread...just recognize that we hit a milestone, and this is the way we are commerating it--by reverting to the original appearance.

-- C
WOW. Looks like The Matrix...Well, they monitor everything you do, and its a lot of fake people, so I guess it fits...
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Yeah, nice idea to go Retro!!
I was just looking around NT when suddenly the layout changed ... I was like "What the ...??" :lol:

What period is this layout from?? I've been on here for quite a few years, but I don't remember this layout.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary NikeTalk!! :pimp:

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The backround is distracting... but happy anniversary NT, and congrats to all the moderators and administrators
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Im surprised at all the new people here...

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This must be your 120,714,091,734th SN and you've been here since the beginning, right?

Side note, only heads here prior to summer 2k will remember this layout... :pimp:

But I do remember a certain C Soldia frequenting the Lounge on a regular basis....
LOL, wow, good memory Bastich...I though I was the only one who remembered back when I used to be a lounge lurker.
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