Happy Birthday Ricky409!!

Joined Aug 24, 2009
Happy birthday to my boy Ricky409, FAMB!!! You 22 now

Congrats on the bball scholarship and the bike, heard you say you were getting your MBA this month too, nice work

Of course I'm gonna give you my signature handshake

Joined Dec 11, 2010
OOOOOHHHHH snap fambs...

i've been away from NT cuz Tax free weekend is coming up and i'm managing a Hibbett Sports Store

scshift... you is my boy!!.. good lookin out... and that gif ranks among the all time greats.

and to everyone else... thanks for the shouts, fambs...

i was on facebook, asking everybody to donate $2.47...

that woulda amounted to some serious coin.

i aint gonna ask yall... but i know some of yall be rollin on dough. *looks at Bachelor Pad and Post Your Car Threads*

thanks alot, yall.. fareal...

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