** HAPPY CANADA DAY! Vol. 140**

Jul 9, 2006
39 minutes ago Canada officially turned 140 years old. 8)

I might go to a friends place and shoot some fireworks, eat and just chill out.

What are you guys up to?
Happy Canada Day...
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I have some family from Toronto coming over plus Montreal Jazz Fest tonight. :smokin
Rien ne change sauf les gueules de bouffon sur les billets
Happy Canada Day!

going out to the lake tonight, shootin off some fireworks with golf in the afternoon! :smile:
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Happy Canada Day..
I'm headin to a friends place for a bbq with a bunch of people, and taking the free bus down to the park where theres a firework show over the water each year.
^^quasimoto450 have i seen you around? and did u go the dj battle competition. dj wife beat was off the hook.
You probably did. I was the guy in the pinstripes Blazers SBs and pinstripes button-up. I was mostly around the Bell/Groove scene.
Rien ne change sauf les gueules de bouffon sur les billets
happy canada day !!! even tho it was yesterday
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