Happy Memorial Day NT !!! (What are your plans?)

Dec 1, 2002
This holiday means alot to me. I know 3 people that passed away in military service. So it really gets to me thinking that those people are not here with us.You can try not to think about it but all those flags and flowers in the park and stuff...the emotion comes out y'know.

So like whatever you guys are doing...put ya lighters up for those that died in military service. It's such a sad thing people gotta die like that. I waswatching this clip from JCVD and he had this monologue that really got tome. He said "It's so stupid to kill people. They're so beautiful!"
It really is...

Heres hoping to more peace in the world and a good day for ya'll later on today.



I'm gonna pass by a parade. Donate a couple bucks that I can. Go back home to some beer n pretzels and watch a few movies. Cheers.
celebrate my 28th bday

watch lakers go up 3-1

eat, drink and

enjoy family

be safe everyone
going to lay some flowers on some of my girl's friends graves later.. i don't really want to do that.. especially since i dont know any of thesepeople.. but i know itll mean a lot to her.. so eh

bbq and wii boxing w/ her daughter after that tho
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