Has Anyone balled in the Penny 3's?

Joined Aug 7, 2007
Just wondering is anyone here has played basketball in the Air Penny 3's? Cause i need a new basketball shoe for the local Pro Am Leauge here in CharlestonWV and i found the all black pair for 69.99
Any help will be greatly appreciated
Joined Dec 9, 2006
Im wondering the same thing, but when i tried them on and they seemed like they should be straight. The only concern i have is durability.
Joined Nov 27, 2008
I played once in mine because I forgot my bball shoes. We didn't run the hardest game, but they had good traction and were comfortable for the most part.
Joined Feb 23, 2006
Any more recent reviews? I'm considerin copping the home white ones for my next bal kicks cuz my HD's have had it.
Joined Jul 13, 2002
Cushioning is kind of low profile, but decent. Fit is a little tight. Support is pretty good. No lacing problems here.
Joined Dec 30, 2005
like everyone said these are good performers, i dont have lacing problems only thing is these are on the heavier side but then again thats me coming off ofkobe ivs so they probably weigh like normal or regular bball shoes (not heavy like lebron IVs or anything) but yea, great shoe to play in.
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