Has anyone ever made/have a kegerator?? looking for a new project..

Joined May 4, 2005
thinking of making a kegerator out of a old fridge... is it easy?... think it would be nice to have in the garage during the summertime...
Joined May 4, 2005
yeah i was looking for a old school retro type fridge... i was gonna sand it down/take the paint off  down to the steal and have people just tag on it with permanent markers...
something like this

here are some more kegerators

Joined Jul 2, 2002
That keystone one is

My friends did it a while ago with an old fridge that was left at the house when they moved in. Not too much work and is really nice to have around

big j 33

Joined May 31, 2006
Few friends of mine had one, but they were renting it.

It was a pain because every time they used it they had to take apart the tap and clean it. Not to mention it got expensive to have to buy a keg unless you always had a lot of people over and drank regularly.
Joined May 4, 2005
found a fridge for $50.. bout to jump on it... its not old school but its in good condition for the price...
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