Has anyone had a Cortisone injection?

Joined Sep 26, 2005
I hurt my ankle over a year ago playing football. It was badly sprained and the bone had a deep bruise.  Long story short a year later and after regular treatment, it's still bothering me a lot.  The Dr. said the next step would be to get a Cortisone shot in the ankle to reduce inflammation and to help it heal. 
Has anyone had this done before? Did it help?
Joined Apr 10, 2004
Has anyone had this done before? Did it help?
Yes and Yes. I had one back in November in my knee for patella-femoral syndrome. It wasn't like "night and day" different, but it helped.
Just don't pull a Lance Harbor and get addicted because the steroid masks the pain and can give you a false sense of confidence. Keep at the PT. Best of luck.
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