Have any of you all played BASEketball?

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Watching the movie right now. I seriously want to play this game with some friends now.

here are the rules:

A single is at the free-throw line

A double is at the top of the key

A triple is from behind the key

A homerun is further back ("behind the meatballs" in the driveway)

You can't shoot from the same place twice

If you miss you get an out

A tip-in by the defense is a double play

A failed tip-in by the defense can be attempted by another defense player for the double play

A failed second defense tip-in can be attempted by an offensive player (a "conversion") and if they make it then the original shot is good
If the offensive player misses then another offensive player can try for the conversion as well

A "bunt" can be made from the orange circles. Although a bunt will not allow players on base it is a place you can shoot and not use one of the othernine areas to shoot from

A homerun can be attempted indefinitely, and, like bunts, is not subject to the "you can't shoot from the same place twice" rule.

more in depth rules here http://www.baseketball.1colony.com/custom2.html

-The Juice


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Originally Posted by 255forLife

my tip game is mean from all the 21 i've played..

let's go.
I HATE people that tip me...
it's like disrespect to tip when not in a losing situation
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