Have you ever met a blatant racist? Vol. What did you do ... (pics)

Joined Oct 2, 2008
So I was in Vegas and saw one skin head walking around .. the dude had his shirt off and walked right pass me .. he didn't say #@*$ but he wassaying hello to all the white folks .. more than a few gave him the
others say hello ..

All the black or Hispanic people I saw mostly look at him with disgust and with intentions to kill him but nothing ....

Not that I approve but the dude was just minding his business so why even bother .. lucky for a few guys that almost turned around and said something, becauseat the end of the strip there was like 7 of them cats ....

Just wondering what would you guys have done, if anything ...

P.S. They were wearing boots with red laces except one .. meaning they have had gotten some blood! Not that it matters ..

Joined Apr 4, 2004
Hmm didnt know what you meant by red laces so I had to look it up, and was surprised to also read that those spiderweb tattoos on the elbow mean you havecommitted murder for the skinhead movement. Ive seen quite a few people with those and think I saw someone today.
Joined May 21, 2007
What can you do its a free country

he didn't say nothing to you so don't worry about it
Joined Oct 2, 2008
^^ exactly my point .. I wasnt worrying about it .. I wanted to know other peoples opinion ...

Like I said, three black guys almost turned around and said something, but at last minute changed their minds .. he also had the Nazi symbol in his belly ...smh

I later seen those dudes rollin deep in a corner in vegas .. about 15 or so of them ...


Joined Jun 1, 2008
Why even waste time with dudes like that?

The only result from confronting dudes like that is violence.
Joined Jan 24, 2007

this black kid was going on my race so i said,

"shut yo fat ##$@*% @++ up."

but of course, i didn't know what i was saying...

short tempered ftl...

but no one cared....
Joined Nov 2, 2004
last time i went to vegas i saw a couple dudes with aryan nation jackets. but they didnt say anything to me and my brother so we just kept it moving.
Joined Sep 16, 2003
Fairly often in the suburbs, maybe ignorant is a better word for it.

Edit: I didnt read...never seen a skinhead afaik.
Joined Mar 1, 2008
obviously looking for attention, to piss off people and start a confrontation, so id ignore him and not give him what he wants.
Joined Jun 11, 2008
as long as he aint bothering me then i dont care....honestly i respect blatant racists way more then closet racists....closet racists are cowards
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