Having a Real *#% convo with your family Appreciation...

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Today me and my brothers got together drank a couple of six packs and inhaled a lil herbal essence. We are normally tighter than hipster pants but life has away of breaking people down and placing wedges between them...so we are all kickin it at my crib for a while, kind of feelin each other out after not beingtogether for a minute...then my pops knocks on my window and comes in. It was a lil awkward at first but the truth potion kicked in and we started talking on adeeper level. Aired out everything...our mistakes, things we did in the streets, our shortcomings, what we admired about each other, our relationships withfemales including our mother and sister....real deep....Feeling like a lion pride licking their wounds and propping up each other...remembering that togetherwe are unstoppable.

Then we took the convo upstairs and embraced our moms and sis. Talking about our deepest feelings and sharing some laughs...we took our sister off the textingand AIM for a moment and got her to really look at herself, like we all ended up doing.

Tears, laughter and sincerity.

Me and my brother helped bridge that generation gap a lil...talking about saggin and why kids are acting out so much nowadays and our parents showed us why theolder heads avoid us they way they do.

Crazy day. We are always a close family but this was one of those life changing days...where we renewed our faith in ourselves, the world and the family.

Have you ever had this experience...if not you need to.

A keep it real seesion/detox with your people.

/blog entry
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Yea, I've had a few of those. Alcohol definitely helps. It's like, once you get a lil' older, you and your dad start to click. **** starts to makesense, and he sees you as a man finally, not a child. Getting all that **** out to people you deeply care about is definitely appreciated.

jt air jt

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Unfortunately, I've never had this type of experience with family. They need some herbal essence.
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Me and my cuz at a Pizzeria today sat there for 3 hours REALLY catching up I chill with him every Sunday but never for a long time sat there and pretty muchtold our life stories to each other ate a slice of new york pizza damn pizza half the size of my arm
it was coo catchin up with him like that though
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Substances always help this process. I had the greatest conversation with my dad when I was rolling on E. Not sure if he knew, though. He probably didthough because my pupils were huge and I didn't eat anything at dinner. I can definitely see why they used to use E for therapy.


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Originally Posted by abeautifulhaze

we took our sister off the texting and AIM for a moment and got her to really look at herself, like we all ended up dping.

But really, I've never had a real deep conversation with either of my parents. And, to be honest, with the way my relationship is with both of them, Idon't think I ever will.

I've had deeper conversations with teammates than my parents, realtalk.

But, I stay giving advice to my cousins. Some of them are damn near like brothers and sisters to me.
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Originally Posted by abeautifulhaze

we took our sister off the texting and AIM for a moment and got her to really look at herself, like we all ended up dping.
double pene... WHAT!?

i dont really know what this threads about, but I never had a convo like that
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I've had those convos with my parents..but never with siblings...it just be mad awkward and i know my brother wouldn't open up..sadly he would probablythink "it's stupid"


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Me and my dad cool as #!%* so we've had several convos like this...Just recently my dude got married and me and my other dude just had a long convo aboutlife,women, the past, growing up,etc. Like those 2 dudes are like my brothers, we been through alot of #!%*. But yea man, moments like that are most def.appreciated.
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my family never do group therapy sessions

dysfunction as hell but sometimes I just wonder how they really feel about me
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I have convos like this with my family. We got into one of those really personal conversations the day we found out that my grandfather died. We stayed up tilllike 3 in the morning talking about stuff. definitely appreciated
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i havent had one of these in so long i forgot how great it feels.

i have 12 VMs on my new phone, 8 are from my mother cussing me out of just being mad for no reason.
i miss having good talks with my mom, dad and sister a lot.
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Originally Posted by YoutubeME

i avoid most conversations from my family
Word I hate family discussions. They never start or end will

Maybe when Im older Ill appreciate it, but now naaaaaaaaaaaa

I havent had any deep convos in a while that i can remember with anyone. I need one of those. Theyre always good
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These conversations are always gold. Much appreciated.

It's such a form of therapy, it's free, and it gets everybody in gear to attack the world like you said like a pack of lions.

This happens to my family 3 or 4 times a year when we gather ourselves together with good food and good alcohol. It starts off as some jokes and story telling,and then it gets deep with our past doings, our accomplishments, and what further needs to be done.

This thread is making me reminisce.
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I had that with my middle brother(older)

i gotta go to work but ill edit with my story later.

Its a great feeling tho.
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Im too shallow to ever have a deep conversation with my parents, plus theyre far from understanding.
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