Having hook-ups at food resturaunts appreciation

Joined Oct 15, 2008
having a friend thats the manager for an Italian restaurant ftw!
Joined Dec 25, 2007
Got to know the people who work at the starbucks by my place... Free drinks almost every time Im there. Hilarious people too.
Joined Apr 11, 2004
As opposed to non-food restaurants

sorry I had to that made me chuckle.

But yea I had the hook-up at Starbucks for a while until the manager found out.
Joined Apr 3, 2008
i wait tables at outback any of my people walkin in they was gettin it for free.99 untill mangers crack down now i can make it shake for 50% but the best hooks up i get is this lil mom and pop seafood spot my boy works out anything for free
Joined Aug 7, 2007
7-11, Subway, Chinese food hookup would be nice.

My family owned a mexican restaurant and a mexican/italian one too except they werent close to me.
I didn't pay for Sonic for like 2 years... until ol' girl found out i had a girl. 

How did she find out? Its ok though...cuz she thought you were gay.
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