HBD to Agthekid

Joined Jan 24, 2003
Agthekid is 20. We feel it is only right that we give him a birthday roast. Leave em here or on twitter... http://twitter.com/agthekid

Happy Birthday

Ol I'm a PC and I live in my moms basement ^^^ @agthekid
ol kris kross "I missed the bus" face @@@ @agthekid
Ol Augie from Role Models "NT made me a birthday roast" ###' @agthekid
Ol' I get withdrawls from Twitter when I have to take a piss lookin' $$$ @agthekid
ol phil and lil hairline havin &&&' @agthekid
Ol' I have slept a total of 20 minutes since I started on Twitter lookin' %%% @agthekid
Some of the roast from twitter
Joined Mar 17, 2006
Originally Posted by masterhammy23

I guess I'll quote myself from the other thread

Originally Posted by masterhammy23

Happy Birthday fellow WWE fan, that's only time I really see your posts
*CORNY JOKE* I guess you can call me Birthtista...............
at myself.
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