HBO documentary;"The Alzheimer's Project." MAY 10TH , EDUCATION FOLKS

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Hello there folks.

I just want to inform my niketalk fam on the upcoming HBO special aired this sunday.

I work for the NIA - National Institute of Aging...I educate folks and spanish speakers...been preparing for this viewing for weeks now.

Just wanted to put it out there, if you or anyone in your family need information on Alzheimer or memory loss, how to cope with dementia...PM ME..I am willingto help and I will not share your information with any other niketalkers.

or you can call

NIA/Alzheimer's Info 1-800-438-4380 Alzheimer's Association 1-800-272-3900 24 hours a day

EDIT : can someone please post up what they think of or thought of the documentary so I can share with the committee
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Please do, Its hosted by maria shriver.

I could of met her on monday but i was on vacation.
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I lost my grandmother to this disease, worst experience of my life. I truly hope they find a cure for this.
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Originally Posted by FIRST B0RN

I lost my grandmother to this disease, worst experience of my life. I truly hope they find a cure for this.

Word, my grandma has been suffering for about 10 years with Alzherimer's. She lives with my parents now and it's a lot of work for everyone. Thanks forthe heads up! I'll have to check this out.
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Just started. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the folks and caregivers. Which segments did you like the best?
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1st of all I love documentarys!

Imma make 1 one day

But I'm tuned in..I've always wanted to learn about this
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my grandmother has Alzheimer's and whenever we go to visit she asks my mom who my grandpa is...they sleep in different rooms, i cant believe the toll ittakes on him
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that one segment where he remembered the words to the song in the group he used to be in...but cant remember any of the folks in the group.

and the last one where he couldnt remember his wife but talked so sweet about her.

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those that inbox'ed me for more info and publications..all your orders are being sent out sometime this week .
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I just turned on HBO2 bout a half hour ago. Wow, the lady who was an artist nearly had me in tears.

I need to see this entire show
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