HBO: "Watchmen"...11/17 EP V “Little Fear of Lightning"...Sundays @ 9PM est...5 EPS Left... :)


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This show makes me go to the bar and pour a drink and sit back down.

Pretty damn smart to send all those clones up to spell that stuff out so a satellite can see it..

And he must be on one of Jupiter’s moons.
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Tonight's ep was lit. Looking glass' paranoia was splained. And this **** happens when his alarm system goes down. Hope he has traps set.
We all knew Keene was working with the Kavalry.
4 eps left.
**** is picking up.
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They was mind ****ing Looking Glass left and right. It's funny cuz this actor in this look is like the prototype for a dude to join or be leading the Kalvary. Pretty much the opposite. Then he gets caught up.

Looks like its a wrap for Wade after he served up Angela.

Spielberg need to get on making Pale Horse.
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I would guess that looking glass survives...They focused on the shot of him going back to get that alarm system out the trash, probly duck off in that bunker
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