HBO: "Watchmen"...Season 1 Discussion...Season 2 Up in the Air... :)


Joined Jul 20, 2009
It got all my supplies ready for tonight: drinks, popcorn, Raisinets, an EpiPen, a shot of Insulin, needle filled with adrenaline, a defibrillator that's charged up, wfie got 9-1- dialed already, and I'm rocking my new Life Alert necklace.

I just know after this episode ends, Imma be outchea like...

If I don't make it, see ya'll at the crossroads brahs
Joined Nov 20, 2007
Too on the nose making Veidt's entire workforce Asian after the events of Watchmen.

Just yelling that Lady Trieu is his daughter.

Not needed though. Not like intelligence is inherited.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
Didn't think doc would give Angela her powers but instead somehow impregnate her with himself and she'd basically raise a new doc Manhattan that would actually do more.

Ending it this way is cool though.

I can see if there isn't one why there wouldn't be a 2nd season.
Joined Sep 11, 2011
So he left some himself in the egg?
I kinda thought she was gonna have to do something like crack the egg in the pool cuz he was standing on it lol
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