HBO'S "Insecure" [ Created by Issa Rae ► Season III: 2020 ]

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 Follows the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern-day African-American woman.  Two black women share friendship and uncomfortable experiences.
[h1]  [/h1][h1]‘Insecure’: First Episode of Issa Rae’s HBO Comedy is Available To StreaM[/h1][h1]The pilot is available on HBO NOW, HBO GO and HBO On Demand ahead of its television debut, Sunday, October 9.[/h1]

this show is 

need more shows like this on tv 

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My ex used to watch her awkward black girl show on YouTube years ago. Looks like she glo'd up! Congrats to her but I hear she bashes black men now. Hopefully not
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I watched the first episode. Started off :rolleyes with the "why do you sound white?" and her friend telling her asian coworker black men like everyone but black women but I enjoyed it towards the end. I've been looking forward to this show for a long time so I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I met Issa about a year ago and she was really nice and has a great vision for the type of entertainment she wants to make.
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I saw promo on HBO and it didn't pique my interest and it just reminded me of the "other" shows HBO tends to have that get aired on weird days sometimes at weird times.

I'll check out the first ep though.


It was cool. Got funny when they went to the club. The rap, broken ***** brought lulz.

"I'm not looking for a relationship."

I like the concept and idea of a show taken more realistically from the single black woman's perspective.

This Issa chick a weirdo :lol: but in a good way. Knew a few chicks like her.

Music was dope as well.
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This is dope. I'm waiting for whatever show the owners of Black&sexytv inked up with HBO
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i heard some iffy things about her web series "Awkward Black Girl"

ive never seen it but im more than willing to give this a chance
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My ex used to watch her awkward black girl show on YouTube years ago. Looks like she glo'd up! Congrats to her but I hear she bashes black men now. Hopefully not
Doesn't surprise me...these blk feminist hate blk men because of their personal life drama/insecurities
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Im trying to hold of watching episode one because we wont get episode two til mid October. They got me like that with the night of, never again.

Super hype for it tho


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Enjoyed the Awkward Black Girl Series; will check this out.
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I watched the first episode, and thought it was really good. I was a fan of Awkward Black Girl, so I was excited to see she got a show on HBO. It looks promising. 
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i saw a lot of the webseries and it was funny. definitely appreciate that she brought back her boss 

was dying when she was getting ready in the mirror "TAKE THIS NANI!" 

Mark Antony

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Glo'd up is right. She lookin real good compared to the web series days. Beautiful skin and teeth.
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I did not know when I watched the first ep it was some early treat.

Been waiting weeks for ep 2 :smh:
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