Heading up to Orlando...

Aug 19, 2005
im heading up to Kissemee for thanksgiving for about a week wanted to kno the good stores that might have premium forces, jays,etc..also wat does the outlet have in stock

Dont count on anything at the outlets, all the employees are a bunch of noobs who only sort out other noobs or resell out the back door. New spot opening soon tho. Can't really get into too much detail, but watch this space!
That just about sums it up!

All of the outlets in that area are corrupt. Managers hooking up dudes who sell out the back door and employees who don't know who Lebron James is getting promoted to management positions! :lol:
Whattt. Which outlets are you guys talking about because Honestly I could care less if someone is selling at the back of the store as long as I can get in on it ya dig? Anyways go to nikeskateboarding.com and do teh search for stores that carry them in the zip code your going to if you like nike SB. 2 Urban accounts that are widley known which are Men's Closet and Footaction at Florida Mall. REally thats about it. But LtSmash1 you should elaborate about this new spot. Because who ever opens a spot is going to be getting business out the @#%$ since it will be one of the only REAL spots in the area.
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