Heads Up: AJKO at NDC


Joined Nov 3, 2009
paid for my pair also .......is this a pre-order??????? or do they have these on hand?
Joined Sep 4, 2006
i only look at original colorways...and this is one...

i think i'd rather this than the alpha because it is closer to original...
Joined Oct 29, 2007
I wanna cop & maybe magic eraser or sea glow would make these white. Or just some paint. But I need these since the patent leather mids are trash. BTW op good looking.
Joined Sep 4, 2006
I had to squeeze the trigger like Ice-T and cop these. With all the retros in the past 5 years, I thought back to 5-10 years
ago - conclusion: I would have copped these then, so...

Nike made it easy for me to decide whether to beat on these or not. Everybody who gets them probably will which will lead to
DS pairs being fairly rare in a few years (unless huge amounts were produced.) I don't really care about that stuff though.
I think I'm gonna sell my '03 patent wht/red/blk 1s now. I never liked patent leather shoes anyway so they are prime to sell.

With my luck, the leather wht/red/blk 1 true high (what I want more) will probably drop around Christmas or so...I don't care about that
either. Cause these may be beat by then. Probably not.

I had to get these - but the yellowing and ashiness is strange, jokingly I hope they don't fall apart like an original would...

These go down on the same list as the fire red 3, fire red 4, military blue 4, grape 5, wht/red hi 2, etc. Long time coming. The wht/blk/red 6
wait is getting ridicilous too.
Joined Jul 12, 2009
thanks for the heads up

Im pretty sure I might cop these.... thought I would have prefered these

Joined Apr 30, 2005
Originally Posted by afivedollarsbuster

Release Date is supposed to be April 20. Does anyone know if this is just a pre-order or are they in stock?>>>
They are instock it will say shipping date if it was shipping out later pys usually doesnt sell items without them being instock
Joined Feb 18, 2008
I know in the JB release date thread it says that the KO's are limited. Is this true? Does anyone know if these are a GR? I find it hard to believe that they are limited and PYS is selling them for a buck twenty shipped.

Someone shed some light.
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