Hedo Turkoglu unnapreciation vol. benched for faking stomach flu

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So word out of Toronto is Hedo was benched today for faking his stomach flu that has been apparently bothering him since the Raps played Jazz on Wed. On Friday, he told the team he'd stay home and recover but was seen out partying while the Raptors lost to the Nuggets on a last second shot.
Lets see what happens now.

The worst contract in pro-basketball history? I mean at least Gilbert played.
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if that really is true, i wonder if he regrets signing there. im sure the money makes everything better though
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That was definitely the worst contract of the off season.

SMH at Colangelo, he gave out so much money trying to keep Bosh and there's next to no chance he re-signing this summer

He spent $100 million on Turkoglu and Bargnani

billy hoyle

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Originally Posted by OHyeah10

if that really is true, i wonder if he regrets signing there. im sure the money makes everything better though
regrets? NAWWW hes getting paid and hes living in a great city
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at the Raptors. Vince did the EXACT same thing when he was there too, stayed home from a road trip because of ankle injury and was on stage dancing with Nelly at the concert while the Raptors were getting their backs blown out by Atlanta.

Raptor's franchise falling for teenage schoolkid tricks

Next thing you know Hedo's going to print out a doctor's note from the internet and sign it himself as "Doctor" and turn it in, or maybe when they ask he'll just say the dog ate it
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Haha Hedo... Someone on the team (Bosh?) should have said something to Hedo today. I guess by not playing him the coach and management sort of punished him though. Also punished the team's chances of keeping that 8th seed though. Is Hedo the "leader" of the Raptors? Who is the leader that everyone respects and listens to? The team ain't that young to not have one vet. Wait, is that vet Hedo himself?
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