Hello Panda APPRECIATION! Asians know...

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weren't these crackers classified as part of the melamine poisoning found in milk/chocolate products in china and the US?

hope u didnt eat any, RIP.
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Originally Posted by carbonsilver

Yan Yan, ftw.
I'll let out a secret: It's my nickname

Hello Panda, Yan-Yan, Pocky...oh boy

I was @ Narita (Tokyo) airport and I was in awe when I saw shelves and shelves of these goodies. Too bad I didn't have enough space on my backpack or elseI would've ransacked a whole store.


How much are these things around your way?

Here in Toronto its about $1.50-2/pack, the huge boxes which contain 10 packs I THINK is around $10.
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Those are great but Pocky is awesome.

You go to Marukai and they have like 50 million different type of Pocky.

Then they have the giant packs that are like a foot/2 feet tall.
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I thought those used to be called koala yummies?

I used to eat those growing up in LA but then I stopped being able to find them. I googled a few years ago and they said they changed the name to koala march ,so I went and bought some but they didnt taste as good as they used to
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