HELP!! Boston peeps help a brother out

May 3, 2007
What's up guys...

i know this may seem petty, but it's a big deal...
anyway, im going to school in the boston area next year and i need to know where some (black) barbers around the area are..??

any feedback is appreciated, and yea i know i can just ask around campus...
where you going to school? theres a barber shop on hunnington ave by northeastern that isn't bad, and another on mass ave. between bodega and karmaloop that aint bad either.
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Not for nuthing, but why does he/they have to be black? I think I understand what you are looking for though. There is a place near Tufts in Medford called The Men's Room. The cuts are decent, at a good price ($18 or $20), leather seats, flatscreens, good people and pretty easy to get to for you if you will be at Tufts. The barbers are white, but their skin color doesnt prohibit them from lining you up right. And asking about where to get a good cut isnt petty at all.

here is the info
(781) 393-0010
16 Salem St
Medford, MA
man u just need to come to the hood where im at...too bad u at tufts.... dont know bout the subburds man...i live in boston and going to northeastern no haircuts wont be a problem for me

he doesnt have to be black...i wasn't referring to skin color(he could be orange for all i care), just the style/capability of the in a barber who can cut black hair, seeing as im black...

but, so far...thanks guys for the responses, they help a lot
No, I understand what you were saying. Good luck at Tufts man. Good school. I would have went there had it not been half a mile from my house.
nu image in cambridge

i wouldnt know from personal experience, as im a female

but a lot of friends go there and they do a pretty good job
98 River St - Cambridge, MA. 617-354-9898
nah man go to Nino's in Everett. He's open pretty much all day and night lol. Good dude, good cuts, flatscreen and couch setup. On an empty day I've even smoked Ls in there.

240 Main St in Everett, well thats what came up when i google searched it, I actually don't know what street its on.
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Been to Nino's in Everett, son gave me some paper thin side burns and didnt even line me up in the back :smh:
. I go to Fernandez on Columbia Rd. in Dorchester. Get on the red line, take any train to Andrew and take the 16 bus from there, its on your right hand side next to Fernandez pizza shop, coner store, etc.... Also Mattapan's Finest on Blue Hill Ave is pretty good too, thats where alot of the Patriots get there hair cut. But if you outside Boston, i know that Luke's in Everett is real good. Good Luck
The spanish spots in JP have the best shops, imo

far from Tufts tho
Def dont go to nino's or the mens room in medford i am from medford go to lou diamonds on broadway in everett go to lou or jean this dude has been cutting my hair for years he is official
damn guys...once again GOOD LOOKS! its much appreciated...

already went to Nu Image in Cambridge (thanks itz zyph3r), they did a pretty good job.
^^^^There are a bunch more good shops in Cambridge as well. Nu Image is def. not the best.
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nah man yall got it all messed up.... go to my N "Jet" in cambridge right on rindge ave...shops name is "Just the way you like it" Been my barber for 9 yrs now and he never dissappoints....nino's in everett is where most my people go but i go to Jet....oh and the etheopian chic in there can cut some hair too...word to barbershop
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^ Jet is legit dude cut my hair a few years back and since you a lot closer to Cambridge then the Bean, I would co-sign with Mr J Himself 23. BTW Nino's is okay at best.
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